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Best Service and Marketing
Added by : Paul Cushman Date added : Mar 26, 2012. Country : United States
Here is what I can tell you about Sun and Sea Rentals. They started with one condo and in 4 yrs they managing 45 + units.  During the last month that I was in Playa (March) Sun and Sea had rented my neighbors condo to live in themselves for a month because every unit they were managing, including their own, was full !  That piqued my interest since it showed that they were succeeding.
I tried a couple other agencies but nobody could produce. I own and manage rental property for a living so I know something about it.
After lengthy discussions with several local agents, I realized that the problem was marketing.  I asked everyone the same question:  “If I am in Seattle and want to spend a week vacationing in Playa, how would I find a listing for a condo in Wayak?”  Everyone gave me the same answer:  “Come toPlaya first and we will show you around town,  We have listings, or we can find you one from another agency in town.”
When I explained to them that NO American will fly 3000-4000 miles for a vacation then spend time looking for a place to stay, when all they want is to go to the beach, they just said that is the way they do it.  But my unit sat empty for several weeks while they tried.  I came to the conclusion that we have a cultural difference.  The nationals are living more moment by moment, while Americans and Canadians and probably most vacationers want to plan ahead.  Even other rental companies had a website but it was extremely difficult to find my condo when they listed it.
I was looking for someone who understood this concept when I met Sun and Sea Rentals.  They told me how they were networking with travel agents in several countries around the world.  They had these agents find the top travel websites in each region and then advertises on those sites.  Then pays a portion of the commission to their agents when they book a unit. This brings customers in.
Secondly, they provide a real service to the customers once they arrive, in order to get them to book again as repeat customers.  All other agencies just give the client a key and walk away.  Sun and Sea are almost like a concierge service.  It’s not exactly an “All inclusive” but somewhere in between.  Examples:
They will meet people at the airport
They will arrange local tours.
They receive guests with beer and coupons for discounts at restauants.
They walk newly arrivals through their units and spend time going over everything.
If guests are bringing infants, they have a “baby kit” —stroller, playpen diapers etc.
They provide the guests with a cell phone pre-programmed with numbers to reach them and maintenance in an emergency.  The idea is that when people come for a short vacation, they don’t want to spend time
getting settled in and finding things.  They just want to relax and go to the beach.  So, Sun and Sea try to make the experience a good one.  They refer to and treat their clients as “guests”.
Sun and Sea have a cleaning and maintenance staff as well.  I had the maintenance people do several jobs for me while I was still in Playa so I could see their work.  We completely redid our patio.  I also had the cleaning staff come out before I left so I could see how they worked.  It was like a hotel – even folded towels into scultured swans on the beds and very thorough – not just a dusting !
In Feb I had two other local agents who wanted to list our condo come and take photos for advertising.  They each spent about 4 minutes taking pictures with beds unmade, things laying around etc. inspite of my objections.  SunandSea, on the other hand spent a couple days with me advising me on some decorating ideas, then brought in a professiional photographer. Together they spent 4 HOURS, staging and arranging each room as they took the pictures for their website.
So, you see there is a huge difference in what they put into the task.  Now, what does this cost and is it worth it?
The fees are different for short and long term, of course, but 30 % on short-term.  The others were 20 % but then you have to look at the results. 80% of nothing is zero to the owner.  So far, I am very pleased with the Level of Service and attention.

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Incredible Service and Attention to details
Added by : Bruce And Ginger McQuiston Date added : Mar 26, 2012. Country : United States

My wife Ginger and I want to say thank you, Sun and Sea Rentals,  for your incredible service and attention to details. You really know the marketplace and what potential renters are seeking and your network of agents that reach out to the world for renters is unprecedented.

We both feel totally at ease to have you and your crews to do any work on our property and know that you will complete that work in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost.

The monthly reports are very clear and concise and helps us to keep up to date on the expenses and income we derive from our investment.

Thank you for all that you do to keep our condo safe and running smoothly….we look forward to many more rentals and we are anxious to see both you and your husband again when we are down in paradise.

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Best Manager and will Keep it Rented
Added by : Erik Durietz Date added : Mar 26, 2012. Country : Sweden

I’m from Sweden and I’ve been living in Mexico for 7 years. I have a successful Internet company here and live in Guadalajara at the moment.

Sun and Sea Rentals started managing my apartment (#308) in April 2008. Being a Swede and a perfectionist, I must say that Eileen has been taking care of it very well. She’s priceless and I’m am very glad I started working with her. There are several other companies in Playa who compete with her, but I have only heard complaints about them, like apt’s being occupied without noticing owners etc.

There is a lot I can say, but to keep it short, I don’t think you’ll find a better manager. Also, apart from keeping everything in perfect shape, she’s is the one who will rent your apartment more days of the year than anyone else… I don’t now if you’ll get the same numbers, since your apt is not a penthouse, but look at this, since May 2008, she has rented mine during 405 days and paid me 36,044 USD in commission…

If you’d like some more info, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Excellent Decorating Ideas for Renting
Added by : Roberta Wilmot Date added : Mar 26, 2012. Country : United States

My experience with Sun and Sea Rentals have been very positive.  Having Eileen living on the premises has been a real plus.  She has a good eye for detail and does not miss a trick.  There were little things in my condo that needed to be fixed and my last property manager, failed to follow through.  She has excellent decorating ideas to help rent my condo.  Problems arose when I was there in August and each time I called she and her husband Paul, came right away.  Having SunandSearentals has given me a peace of mind.  She is always in contact with me by e-mail to let me know what is going on.  I really enjoy the monthly news letter.  I would highly recommend Sunandsearentals.

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Impressed with Service & Staff
Added by : Cathy & Steve Yasinowski Date added : Apr 19, 2012. Country : Canada

We have owned a condo in Paradise (that would be Playa Del Carmen) for almost 2 years now. During our time at our place this winter I ran into the Owners of Sun and Sea Rentals at one of our great little neighbourhood restaurants. Recognizing fellow Canadians we struck up a conversation which ended with them telling us that they operated a property management firm and offered me their card. We had a property manager at the time but I tucked the card away just in case. We had brought down a SHAW dish and PVR from Canada but after almost 5 weeks had been unable to find anyone to install it. Only a few days before having to leave for home I contacted SunandSea to see if they could help.  They immediately gave us the contact information of a very reliable fellow who did a wonderful job installing the dish and setting up our Canadian satellite.

SunandSea took this opportunity to ask if they could meet with us to give a presentation of the services their company offered and we agreed. They outlined the many services they offer over and above regular property maintenance services. Sun and Sea caters to vacation renters and has marketing agents all over Europe and North America. They offer many services you would expect only to access at a resort including concierge, transportation, meal and grocery delivery, in house massage and catering services, booking for local day tours, maid service and more. They employ excellent maintenance and cleaning staff. A full statement of the condo income and expenses is provided to the owner monthly. Many services are offered in several different languages and an individual itemized guide book is prepared for each condo containing the information for the condo and the area; everything from how to operate the TV to finding the best spot on the beach!

Literally one day before leaving for home we signed up with Sun and Sea.   They were anxious to get started and asked that I email a few of my pictures of the condo to them and they had the ad on their website that night! Within two days they had personally staged the condo for professional photos and had the website promptly updated…it looked amazing! This was around the third week of January and within a few days they had secured a renter for the month of February and about a week later they secured a renter for the month of March. There were a few maintenance items that needed to be done before occupancy and even working on such a tight schedule everything was ready for the arrival of that first renter. I still can’t believe how quickly they get things accomplished!!

My nieces visited our condo the first week of April and had the pleasure of experiencing the services of Sun and Sea first hand. They had never been to Mexico and had no idea what to do or where to go so booked Sun and Sea transport. They were greeted at the airport and taken directly to the condo where Paul greeted them with cerveza and nachos! They were impressed with how smooth everything went which made them feel very safe and pampered. They had a great week! We joined our nieces for the last couple of days of their vacation and arrived to a beautifully clean and maintained condo. During our current stay we have decided to upgrade and decorate our solarium space.  SunandSea has been a tremendous help with the Owner’s natural decorating talents and suggestions in addition to driving us around to shop for products and plants. It is going to be beautiful!

We have only been clients of Sun and Sea for three months but both my husband and I have been very impressed with their services and staff. We feel confident that our condo is in good hands. Being foreign owners and away from our property for months at a time, it is extremely important to us to know our property is being well cared for. We look forward to our continued relationship with Sun and Sea. By the way, we tried out the in house massage, IT is Great!!

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Happily Surprised
Added by : Debra Ensign Date added : Oct 15, 2013. Country : Canada

In late September my condo partner met with Sun and Sea & decided we should put our condo on the rental market as we hadn\\\'t been able to be in Playa as often as we had planned.  Within a week of Sun and Sea \\\'taking over\\\',  the condo was cleaned, staged & ready to rent.  Much to my surprise, within 2 1/2 months are condo is now rented pre New Years Eve thru May.  I have not even met with the Principals of the Company and have only communicated via e-mail.  They have thoroughly taken care of (what appears to be) every detail at our condo, servicing bikes, paying monthly bills & yearly taxes, I don\\\'t think there is anything they\\\'ve left out.  I am very happy with their detailed monthly financial updates & their quick e-mail letting us know when the condo had been rented.  I recommend you to let Sun & Sea take care of your condo...

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Great Management Company
Added by : Carole Evanoff Date added : Oct 19, 2013. Country : United States

We have owned our condo in Playa del Carmen for 4 years.  Sun and Sea is the third management company that we have used.  My husband and I had to make an emergency trip from Ohio to Playa with our first management company to fire them due to total mismanagement.  It was not a pleasant trip when we saw the damage that they had allowed to happen.  We then found a private person to take over.  Things went rather smoothly until she decided to move out of the country with little notice, leaving us with a tenant that wasn\'t paying and was refusing to move.  Sun and Seas came into this mess and took care of things.  They kicked the loser tenant out and minimized our loses.  We have been happy with them.  The builder of our complex is taking care of the maintenance.  This guy can be close to impossible to work with.  They seem to get him moving.  I would definitely refer them to anyone.

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El Faro Playa del Carmen.
Added by : Eunice Calynuk Date added : Feb 21, 2014. Country : Canada

We arrived fine and came home to a beautiful condo !!!   I wasn’t sure it was ours !  Thank you SUN and SEA RENTALS.