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In one word, Our Property Management = SERVICE  and this is what we strive for in At SUN AND SEA RENTALS.  You will see and feel the difference in every department.

  • Our Management, will respond to you quickly and efficiently, addressing any issues and informing you about your property.

  • Our Cleaning Department,  will not only clean, but upon your arrival will meet with you to ensure that all is done correctly and to your satisfaction and that no detail is left untouched. 

  • Our Finance Department,  will send you up-to-date monthly statements and ensure all of it is explained to your satisfaction. 

  • Our Hosting Department,  will actually meet every renter with our complimentary Welcome Package, present your condo specifics and ensure that they can call us (Day or Night) to ensure a pleasant stay in your condo.

  • Our Maintenance Department, will complete regular preventative maintenance to ensure your property remains prestine.  We will also recommend (and provide quotes) on modifications, enhancements or simple repairs to help you with your improvements.

  • Our Marketing Department, will take beautiful pictures of your property and publicize through-out our vast world network of sites, public networks and advertisement media. 

  • Now that's SERVICE !!!